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Be the first to hear about our new collaboration with Jisc Feb 2, 2022 citrix and Jisc are working on a new commercial agreement that revolutionises our offering to higher education and provides significant commercial benefits to all Jisc members. Please join us on 2... register now
What's new with citrix应用管理Delivery Jan 27 - Dec 15, 2022
特别是talk Feb 92022 register now
nutanix week | mercredi 2 fevrier a 10 h Feb 2, 2022 inscrivez-vous
Work Summit Feb 3 - Dec 31,2021 world has changed. How people work has changed. Businesses are concentrating on surviving. Some are looking ahead to thriving. This Work Summit is about transforming organisations and how people... watch now
Er staan nog heel wat boeiende events op de planning, door citrix georganiseerd, of met citrix als deelnemende partner. Nov 18 - Dec 21, 2021
What's new with citrix应用管理Delivery Dec 16, 2021
Keine Chance fur Bots & Co. Dec 10, 2021 Wie laufen diese Angriffsversuche aufihre Infrastruktur ab? Welche Web-Anwendungen sind aktuell besonders gefahrdet? Und wie konnen Sie Ihre Daten Und Anwendungen zuverlassig vor den wachsenden Gefa... jetzt anmelden
Projects网络产品WP-33925 Eine starke Partnerschaft - mit citrix und Microsoft moderne Arbeitsplatze bereitstellen Dec 6, 2021 Diese und weitere Fragen wollen wir am 6. Dezember in einem Webinar diskutieren. 渐冻人症citrix-Kunde haben Sie bereits beste Voraussetzungen, denn mit unserer Losung sind Sie in der Lage unterschiedl... jetzt anmelden
application delivery & 安全大师级 Dec 1 - 2, 2021
迪奇特里ix-Sicherheitsarchitektur fur Die hybride Arbeitswelt Nov 25, 2021 jetzt anmelden
citrix虚拟安全Briefing Nov 23, 2021 registrieren Sie sich jetzt und erfahren Sie, 19世纪covid中的流行病毒 warum herkommliche Security-Produkte den neuen Gefah... jetzt anmelden
虚拟桌面mit citrix und微软 Nov 18,2021 冯·阿瓦托系统, citrix und Microsoft sprechen in diesem Webinar uber die“Better Together”-Strategie von citrix und Microsoft und beschreiben das Zusammenspiel der Technologien in hybri... jetzt anmelden
Der moderne Arbeitsplatz als Service Nov 18,2021 Sie sind fur die Bereitstellung der Workplace-Umgebung in Ihrem Unternehmen zustandig? 实验腾·冯·阿瓦托系统公司,citrix, zeigen Ihnen, wiediese als komfortabel gemanagter Service aussehen kann... jetzt anmelden
特别是zone Live Nov 17, 2021 Watch on demand
Moving from on-premises vdi to citrix云服务 Oct 1, 2020 - Nov 17, 2021
Flexible Integration with Microapp Scripting Nov 11, 2021 Microapps allows you to easily integrate citrix workspace’s activity feed with systems of record such as common SaaS applications and well-behaved RESTful APIs, without the need to write any code. B... register
Unlock your cloud transformation with the citrix Virtual应用 & Desktops service and微软Azure Oct 28, 2021
citrix converge Oct 26 - 28, 2021 register now
Top 5 features to keep you secure with sharefile Oct 25, 2021
How well do you know your sharefile admin settings? Oct 25, 2021
15 Minute sharefile Feature Spotlight: citrix Files for Outlook Oct 25, 2021
Three ways to get the most out of your sharefile account Oct 25, 2021
What’s new and next with citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Oct 21, 2021 Watch on demand
citrix虚拟安全Briefing Oct 21, 2021 registrieren Sie sich jetzt und erfahren Sie, 19世纪covid中的流行病毒 warum herkommliche Security-Produkte den neuen Gefah... jetzt anmelden
What's new and next with 花旗金融管理公司 Oct 19, 2021 Watch on demand
The Born数字效应 Oct 7, 2021 citrix recently commissioned a study that combined opinion research from 1,000商业领袖and 2,000 knowledge workers across the globe to understand what the born digital want from work. regis... register now
Creare integrazioni微app per citrix workspace Oct 6, 2021 编写微型应用程序大小方济各发出指令. Gli utenti risparmiano tempo riducendo il context switching eliminando il bisogno di... iscriviti
citrix健康护理系列 Sep 29, 2021 Dieses Mal zeigen wir Ihnen im Webinar, live aus unserem citrix体验中心in Munchen, wie Sie Ihre Endbenutzer, endgerate, Patienten- und Sozialdaten vor Cyberangriffen ganzheitlich und stan... anmelden
citrix workspace现场demo体验 Sep 16 - 22, 2021 Your demo experience, Your way. Choose the functional track that interests you and pick a time that works for your schedule.
citrix application delivery and Security - Live Demo experience Sep 9, 2021 It provides always-on delivery of business applications - to any device, any location, and across any network - with unrivaled security, offload, availability, performance, and visibility. citrix adm ... register now
Demo Day Live Aug 25,2021 五features: Live demos illustrating hybrid work use cases Interactive Talk with Experts sessions Prizes for engagement during the event top takeaways: How to protect users and your or... register now
The true value of citrix daas on Azure with special guest Forrester Aug 10, 2021 In this webinar, 你们要听both citrix和特别顾问的建议, daas market landscape, tei background, key insights, realized ... register now
应用安全趋势:Tips to Protect your Apps and APIs Featuring Forrester (APJ) Jul 28, 2021
citrix开发者Focus: Americas Conference + Hackathon Jul 22, 2021 Agenda at a glance - 22nd July:  welcome Automate CVAD Session Monitoring with the citrix公共连接管理er SDK From Hackathon to Marketplace: Inside the Brick Bridge Microapp for Spot... register now
应用安全趋势:Tips to Protect your Apps and APIs Featuring Forrester Jul 20, 2021
How to implement the MAM SDK Jul 13, 2021
Protecting your applications from automated attacks Jul 8, 2021
Ask the experts: Exclusive live wrike demo and Q&A Apr 27 - Jun 30, 2021
citrix and wrike webinar series Apr 27 - Jun 30, 2021
application delivery from Google Cloud with citrix Jun 23, 2021
Americas工作峰会 Jun 16, 2021
Fireside chat with Northumbria University Jun 16, 2021
Cybersecurity Pubblica Amministrazione: soluzioni prospettive Jun 15, 2021 iscriviti
citrix客户体验周意大利 Jun 7 - 11, 2021 Grazie di aver partecipato. Continua a seguirci per i prossimi appuntamenti online poi是用法语l 'hai还要fatto, consulta anche le attivitàdel citrix使用者舒http://www集团.mycugc.info / /算...
The future of cloud security - citrix leads The way with SASE Jun 10, 2021 两个percent of organisations plan to roll out zero trust models to mitigate the security risks associated with hybrid working. But zero trust takes more than flipping a switch - if employees d... register now
citrix开发者焦点:EMEA Conference + Hackathon Jun 9, 2021 All entrants must be registered for the 9 June 2021 event to attend and enter, with registrants provided a unique confirmation code. register now
How Android Enterprise protects your workspace with 花旗金融管理公司 May 20 - 27, 2021
Best Practices for Cloud Native application delivery May 20, 2021 Join citrix and Red Hat as we discuss how to: Accelerate app delivery using CI/CD and Operators enabling faster release to market. Improve availability of apps across红帽OpenShift clusters wit... register now
Campus Tech Leadership Summit: IT安全in the New Normal May 19, 2021
Get to know wrike Apr 29, 2021
Strategy in Practice Apr 28, 2021
Mika on SASE ja miksi se on kiinnostava? Apr 28, 2021 SASE: navulla tietoturva- ja verkkohaasteita voidaan ratkaista uudella tavalla, silla se mahdollistaa yksinkertaisen, yhtenaisen, turvallisen ja luotettavan paasyn sovelluksiin riippumatta siita, mi... ilmoittaudu mukaan
健康护理系列:Expertengesprach Spital Uster (CH) Apr 22, 2021 Flexibler Zugriff aufanwendungen mit jedem Endgerat, schnelle Arbeitsplatzwechsel und maximale Sicherheit fur sensible Patientendaten: Das neue Digital-Workspace-Konzept des Spital Uster eroffnet A... jetzt anmelden
Sicherer Anwendungs- und Internetzugriff im Gesundheitswesen Apr 16, 2021 德·阿贝特·萨雷塔格(Arbeitsalltag in Kliniken und Krankenhausern verandert sich rasant):阿中兴und Pflegekrafte greifen heute nichtnur an stationaren Rechnern aufihre Anwendungen zu, sondern auch mit unterschiedli... jetzt anmelden
citrix Security Boot Camp Apr 15, 2021 register now
Ihr Weg zum Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft mit BSI-zugelassener Hardware Apr 15, 2021 einem gemeinsamen Webinar am 15. April prasentieren citrix und IGEL eine Losungsstrategie, 考虑到该程序的保密程度 ... jetzt anmelden
wrike customer panel: Harness the power of协作工作 Apr 7, 2021
Improve app performance and security in the cloud Mar 31,2021 In this webinar, we’ll explore how enterprises can use citrix adc * on AWS to deliver applications that require high throughputs and low latencies while maintaining a strong security posture by using ... Watch on demand
Building a secure, resilient network for hospitals, clinics, and telehealth Mar 23, 2021 Wherever and however your clinicians deliver care, they need secure, reliable access to EHR, healthcare applications, and high-performance communications tools. At the same time, you’ve got to contr... register now
How citrix IT uses citrix adm for secure and efficient application delivery management Mar 182021
Vad ar SASE och varfor ar det sa intressant? Mar 182021 SASE (secure access Service Edge) ar ett av de senaste’buzzworden’inom IT. Men vad ar det egentligen och varfor ar det intressant for dig? SASE handlar om att bygga sakerhets- och natverkslosnin... registrera dig idag
Exploring daas and the shift to cloud: Insights from citrix and ESG Mar 17,2021
Il Workspace come piattaforma: non hai ancora una sicurezza zero-trust? Mar 17,2021 在云的应用区, la superficie d’attacco e infinita. La sicurezza passa da un modello di confidenza incondiz... guarda on-demand
citrix健康护理Summit Mar 16, 2021 Evolve healthcare IT with security, resilience & flexible work 最后12 months during the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, hospitals and health systems have been moving at top speed, under... register now
互联网访问:perche ti conviene la sicurezza in cloud Mar 16, 2021 La pandemia ha accelerato l’uso di applicazioni SaaS, lo spostamento di applicazioni in cloud, 奥尔奥尔·福纳塔尔塔尔战况... guarda on-demand
Practical steps for IT to drive sustainability Mar 15,2021
How do you know which apps will integrate well into citrix vdi and Chrome OS? Mar 15,2021
Power secure productivity anywhere with a unified approach to SASE Mar 11, 2021
Il Workspace come piattaforma: cosa serve per Il lavoro che si trasforma? Mar 3, 2021 Il webinar ti presenta i vantaggi di un workspace come piattaforma, per costruire il luogo virtuale che“organizza”il lavoro, lo“guida”eliminando cio che non ci e utile e“automatizza”i task a b... guarda on-demand
Delivery applicativa e security predict: sai cosa succedera nel 2021? Mar 2, 2021 Come gestisci la complessita di un mondo in trasformazione? dal lavoro dovunque, con accesso da ogni device ad app e risorse nel datacenter o in cloud; all’evoluzione verso servizi cloud, delle infr... guarda on-demand
“Work from Home”is now“Work from Anywhere”with citrix and Google Cloud Feb 24, 2021
hybrid education Feb 23, 2021 Many educational institutions are struggling with the challenge of changing the paradigm of classroom-based education to数字化合作教育.   Faculty and administrators are now ... register now
Tolly Group validates citrix adc * performance advantage for better application experience Feb 18,2021
Practical steps for IT to drive sustainability Feb 10, 2021 A sustainable approach makes sense both from A business and personal perspective. It's a shared responsibility. And who better to lead the way And set an example than the public sector, your sector?... register now
Connected IT to Deliver Care - Any Place, Any Time Jan 27, 2021 As a result of the pandemic, hospitals are being reinvented as centres of intensive care, with other services being pushed out into the community, or delivered through virtual settings. At the hea... register now
Best Practices for managing today's Apple devices with 花旗金融管理公司 Dec 17, 2020
What's new with citrix应用管理Delivery Dec 17, 2020
citrix workspace与Virtual Apps & Desktops - A年度评审 Dec 15, 2020 Watch on demand
Virtual Round Table with Conecto: why and how IT should to work with sustainability Dec 15, 2020 Though many large companies as well as start-ups have embraced sustainability as a mindset - not all companies see the bottom line-value of efforts in regard to sustainability. The link between sust... register now
So geht remote work effektiv und sicher Dec 10, 2020 秋天的情况已经表明,许多人都能零散地回到办公室. 与此同时,大部分企业都需要对技术应用做出改进. ... jetzt anmelden
Modernize your citrix infrastructure to address the new challenge of flexible work Dec 9, 2020
So schaffen Sie den perfekten mobilen Arbeitsplatz Dec 8, 2020 Fur Millionen Menschen verlauft die Arbeit von zu Hause besser als sie es sich vor der Corona-Epidemie vorgestellt haben. Doch lauft sie deshalb auch so gut, wie es sein konnte? Meistens nicht, sage... jetzt anmelden
Maximizing productivity and lowering costs for your hybrid work环境 Dec 3, 2020
citrixin (perinteista poikkeavaan) joulunaytokseen! Dec 3, 2020 你的手在那里. Perinteestä poiketen toimimme tänä vuonna hieman toisin; ensimmäiset 200 ilmoittautuj... varaa paikkasi
未来of The Adaptive Workplace Dec 2, 2020
第一款的保安系统! Dec 2, 2020 云端移动. Wenn immer mehr Anwender Dienste wie Office 365, Salesforce und Workday nutzen, mussen Unternehmen auc... jetzt anmelden
数码pakt - was nun? Nov 26,2020 Die Corona-Pandemie stellt Schulen und Schultrager vor gewaltige Herausforderungen. 据一则新闻说,只有十分之一的学生能够顺利地换到在线课程... jetzt anmelden
sd-wan & SASE 2020 Virtual Summit Nov 24 - 26,2020 the sd-wan & SASE Summit is going virtual! As the Covid-19 situation still prevent to organize international meetings Upperside Conferences has decided to transform the sd-wan Summit in a full... register now
微服务- delivery mit citrix und AWS Nov 25,2020 AWS bietet mit亚马逊快速服务(EKS) eine vollstandig gemanagte Plattform, um Kubernetes-Cluster in AWS zu betreiben. citrix-Losungen fur Cloud Native Networking (CNN) erganzen die... jetzt anmelden
citrix adc * fur hybride Multi-Cloud-Umgebungen Nov 24, 2020 Fur welche Use Cases lasst sich citrix adc * nutzen? Was ist beim Sizing der Losung zu beachten? Und wie funktioniert eigentlich die Pooled Capacity-Lizenzierung? Diese und viele weitere Fragen beantw... jetzt anmelden
Strategy in Practice: Creating Value with citrix cloud Nov 24, 2020
Come integrare applicazioni con le microapp e creare i workflow che gli utenti vogliono Nov 19, 2020 Accedere in sicurezza a un workspace digitale con ogni app o file necessari per lavorare, un ottima base per lavorare meglio, ma non basta. Sappiamo che di ogni applicazione vengono usate solo poc... guarda on-demand
Unlocking the full potential of your network with citrix sd-wan Nov 19, 2020 Your digital transformation depends on how well Your virtual, cloud, 与SaaS应用程序(perform across)企业与企业定位. It’s time for a secure, high performance, always available W... register now
云应用与应用 Nov 19, 2020
云应用与应用 Nov 12, 2020
Master Class Day Nov 10, 2020
Protecting corporate data with citrix workspace Nov 9, 2020
Remote Arbeiten als Chance sehen und dafur richtig gut aufgestellt sein Nov 5,2020 Je langer die COVID-19-Krise dauert, 而且,在劳动力市场和就业场所的结构变革也变得更加重大. Viele Unternehmen sehen aber auch bereits die Chance, den Arbeitsp... jetzt anmelden
Webinar: Optimera anvandarupplevelsen for Office 365, Teams och andra SaaS applikationer Nov 3, 2020 Vi vill borja med att stalla dig 3 fragor: arditt natverk redo for Saas applikationer? Behover du optimera prestandan for Microsoft Office 365? Upplever dina anvandare dalig samtalskvalite i Micro... registrera dig idag
citrix安全峰会 Oct 29,2020
citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops:云服务or On-Premises Upgrades Oct 26,2020
citrix workspace Summit Oct 22, 2020
Accelerate hybrid cloud application delivery with citrix adc * on AWS Oct 21, 2020
citrix云峰会 Oct 8, 2020
Top 5 Requirements Needed For Modern application delivery Oct 1, 2020
citrix Networking - Mehrwerte fur die Cloud Transformation Oct 1, 2020 Im Webinar beleuchten wir die Auswirkungen der Cloud Transformation aufihr WAN und die Sicherheit Ihrer Geschaftsanwendungen. Wir befassen uns dabei vor allem mit folgenden Fragen: Ist SASE (Sec... jetzt registrieren
The Tension Between Effective Security and Employee Experience Sep 29,2020 Many organisations agree that employee experience isa top priority. It both attracts new talent, and makes it more likely that your employees will be sticking around for the long haul. IT plays a... register now
citrix adm -分享our secrets. Best practise for global ADM deployments Sep 28, 2020 我们能感觉到的是拥有更丰富信息的客户的湖. ADM can be deployed as a discrete VM or take as part of citrix cloud, when you hook up... register now
Bot Protection - How can you remove traffic that provides no business benefit? Sep 24,2020 Bot Management is a security software feature that identifies whether a traffic request comes from a human or from a machine and then controls or blocks non-human and other suspicious requests. why ... register now
Preparing and Presenting a Custom citrix workspace w/ intelligence Demo Sep 23, 2020
Building a Resilient Business for the Future of Work Sep 22, 2020 In order to combat change and disruption, businesses need to be adaptable. 健全有适应不同工作模式和操作方法的经验. making the ... register now
sustainability - how can citrix networking help Sep 21, 2020 In a recent citrix survey of over 500 large companies, 75% have implemented Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies. Many organisations are committed to dramatically reducing greenhouse gas... register now
VPX Subscription - what does it mean for partners and customars Sep 17, 2020 citrix is changing the way in which they sell and license appliances, citrix adc * VPX can now be run with a stand alone term license, this means that you don't need a license server for a deployment ... register now
citrix application delivery Fabric - die universelle Losung fur Hybrid Multi Cloud Sep 17, 2020 茵迪埃姆·韦恩尔·德瑞斯维奇·阿尔雷斯·姆Herausforderungen und Losungsstrategien beim Betrieb von Anwendungen inhybrid - multi - cloud - umgebungen. Wir zeigen Ihnen, ADC渐冻人ADC ... jetzt registrieren!
Better Connectivity at a Lower Cost: The Business Case for sd-wan Sep 16,2020
SMBs Need Improved Defenses to Protect remote workers Sep 16,2020
A新正规学习 Sep 16,2020
Through the Storm: Building a Long Term Flexible Working Strategy Sep 15, 2020 In a matter of months we have moved the conversation around work by a decade. “Working from home”has proven possible and productive. Technology has worked. Employees' expectations have evolved. T... View this recording
Hybrid Multi Cloud - what is it and how can citrix help? Sep 15, 2020 你需要很容易就可以修好它,但是如果你需要它,就得换掉! 我们的客户不止一个人决定在公共场合敲个不停... register now
The Role of Leadership in The New World of Work Sep 15, 2020 The coronavirus pandemic has changed The very fabric of The working world. From the challenges of working remotely, to encouraging productivity in your employees - leaders and employees are navigati... watch on-demand
Bewahrte Betriebskonzepte fur agile Anwendungsarchitekturen nutzen Sep 1, 2020 Agile Anwendungsarchitekturen verandern die Entwicklung neuer Applikationen grundlegend. 但是有一点没有改变:公司仍然对业务的要求是一样的... jetzt registrieren
combating cybercrooks Aug 31,2020
citrix管理Desktops: Simple and Secure Aug 31,2020
Watch the Workspace Essentials Mini Webinar Series Aug 31,2020
From the Classroom to the Kitchen Table Aug 31,2020
remote work in the“新正规” Aug 31,2020
守望the citrix workspace mini-webinar series Aug 31,2020
Podcast: Addressing Cybersecurity Threats and Legal Risks Aug 31,2020
sharefile and the New remote workstyle Aug 31,2020
Fast, secure connectivity to SaaS for branch and remote users Aug 27,2020
Stretcha granserna for IT-innovation med CEVT & citrix Aug 27,2020
Freedom of Choice - Freedom for Change: IT-Security in agilen Applikationswelten Aug 27,2020 冯·迪沃普, 微服务und云ative Computing verandern Unternehmen auch ihre Sicht aufdas Thema Anwendungssicherheit - und stellen dabei ganz grundsatzliche Fragen: Mussen wir un... jetzt anmelden
Tietoliikenneverkon modernisointi sovelluslahtoiseksi citrix sd-wan:lla Aug 26,2020 你的喉咙痛药? Kapasiteetin riittavyys onko se ylimitoitettua satunnaisten kayttopiikkien vuoksi? miten liiketoimin... ilmoittaudu nyt
Virtualization SHOWDOWN: How citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops beats the competition Aug 25,2020
remote work 2.0virtual Summit: Lessons Learned and Best Practices for Workforce Agility Aug 21, 2020
citrix Technology in Practice Aug 19,2020
Strategy in Practice: Creating Value with citrix cloud Aug 18,2020 Watch on demand
SoftwareONE IT-Sprechstunde: Sicherheit und Datenschutz in der citrix cloud Aug 18,2020 Viele Unternehmen fragen nach einer sicheren digitalen Arbeitsplatz-Plattform. citrix云提供了更隆重的敏捷和完善过程—简化可以保证更多的员工... jetzt anmelden
citrix Boot Camp: Build a Ready-for-Anything Network Aug 13,2020
Bewahrte Betriebskonzepte fur agile Anwendungsarchitekturen nutzen Aug 13,2020 Agile Anwendungsarchitekturen verandern die Entwicklung neuer Applikationen grundlegend. 但是有一点没有改变:公司仍然对业务的要求是一样的... jetzt anmelden
Four keys to a successful transition to zero trust network access Aug 6,2020
How to Build for a Remote-First Workforce Jul 31,2020
Ask me anything: citrix and Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Jul 29,2020
IT-Security in agilen Applikationswelten Jul 23, 2020 冯·迪沃普, 微服务und云ative Computing verandern Unternehmen auch ihre Sicht aufdas Thema Anwendungssicherheit - und stellen dabei ganz grundsatzliche Fragen: Mussen wir un... jetzt anmelden
8 × 8’s move to micro-services required a robust and flexible app delivery solution Jul 22, 2020
sd-wan开放诊所 Jul 21, 2020 Getting your sd-wan Centre and sd-wan Orchestrator confused? Was that an upload or download speed? Can I really break out locally from a virtual desktop session? How does this help my journey into A...
大学教育委员会:高等教育新正规 Jul 16, 2020
citrix workspace Master Class Jul 15, 2020
(Re)start Work from Home Jul 1 - 9, 2020
Five Heroic Measures IT Teams Must Take to Navigate the“Back to Office”Phase Jul 9, 2020
微软365 & Teams optimieren mit sd-wan Jul 2, 2020 在过去的几周里,人们对信息技术的要求突然发生了变化——员工在家里工作, Unternehmen nutzen moderne Anwendungen wie微软Teams zur Kommunikation, C... jetzt anmelden
Modernizing the Staff and Student Experience Jul 1, 2020
Ask Me Anything: Optimizing Microsoft Teams with citrix Jun 30, 2020
citrix cloud Kick Off Jun 29, 2020
Solving day-to-day networking challenges at citrix Jun 23, 2020
citrix sd-wan Virtual系列 May 27 - Jun 15, 2020 In four episodes, we will be discussing key business challenges such as ensuring employee productivity, business continuity planning and agility, risk mitigation and remaining competitive. the ses...
Un Cafe con Flexxible IT Jun 11,2020 Las soluciones de Flexxible mejoran los espacios de trabajo de citrix para ofrecer una experiencia de espacio de trabajo digital unica para usuarios y TI. Flexxible ofrece una forma inteligente, rap... Ver la sesion aqui
Un Cafe con NetApp Jun 11,2020 我要去试一试. NetApp ofrece una integracion profunda y soluciones de almacenamiento rentables en la... Ver la sesion aqui
Un Cafe con微软 Jun 10, 2020 Con mas de medio millon de clientes conjuntos y una asociacion de 30anos. 微软citrix contamos con una posicion unica y estamos alineados para impulsar una plantilla movil habilitada para la... Ver la sesion aqui
Un Cafe con Nutanix Jun 9, 2020 enesta sesion hablaremos con Nutanix de como conseguir una solucion con una excelente experiencia de usuario al mismo tiempo que se reduce la complejidad de la infraestructura con una solucion vdi ... Ver la sesion aqui
Best Practices for securing apps and APIs in an unsafe world Jun 9, 2020
El Futuro del Workplace: Caso de exito Seguros Jun 4,2020 La innovación就是哈convertido en un requisito indispensable帕拉supervivencia de读organizaciones. En人sesió怎么contaremos纳gerentes de TI de una高级compañía de seguros nacional, q... Ver la sesion aqui
Webinaari: Ota kaikki irti citrix-investoinnistasi - saat citrixilta paljon enemman Jun 4,2020 etatyo kotona, 有人在你的领地操了你. citrix toimittaa kaikki etatyohon tarvittavat resurssit. Onko teilla etatyo s... laheta
Plan Your Approach to business continuity May 21 - Jun 3, 2020 Have you managed to keep your business running during this current crisis? Is it performing as originally planned? Are users satisfied with what has been provided? We know IT departments in organ...
El futuro del Workplace: Caso de exito de Comdata Group Jun 2, 2020 La innovación就是哈convertido en un requisito indispensable帕拉supervivencia de读organizaciones. 而我们的贸易是最好的... Ver la sesion aqui
seguridadatu eleccion, y beneficios en entornos de virtualizacion citrix May 28, 2020 Las empresas modernas necesitan una red que pueda seguirle el ritmo a la transformación digital… una que entregue la mejor experiencia de usuario para las aplicaciones, que asegure la innovacion y e... inscribirse
LEAD - Learn, Educate, Accelerate, and Discover - with citrix education May 28, 2020
citrix Virtual应用与Desktops Master Class May 27,2020 on-demand If you missed one of the live webinars, or want to review or分享content, you can access them on demand below.  
Accelerate your business持续计划with citrix +微软 May 26,2020
business continuity Planning - what happens post pandemic? May 18 - 21,2020 naturally, 有另一种危机可以转换你的环境另一种工作方法, possibly there were some decisions made and implemented in a compressed time line earlier ... register now
花旗金融管理公司: The benefits of moving The The Cloud May 19, 2020
Getting your network ready for remote work May 14, 2020
德尔Futuro:德尔teletrabajo al smartworking Apr 30, 2020 La situacion de excepcion actual nos lleva a replantearnos el futuro del puesto de trabajo, no solo a nivel tecnologico sino a nivel de impacto en las personas y la cultura empresarial, por称, 3W... inscribirse
Daymore: ncitrix Workspace Intelligence webinaari Apr 16 - 27,2020 Tervetuloa mukaan Daymore: ncitrix Workspace Intelligence -webinaariin! Tassa webinaarissa paaset nakemaan ja kuulemaan, miten citrix workspace Intelligence voi hyodyttaa sinua ja yritystasi, seka ... register now
Helping your remote workers thrive - Insights from Google & citrix Apr 26,2020
Fast Track ut i molnet med citrix och Atea Apr 23, 2020 Idag ar behovet av distansarbetsplatser storre an nagonsin. Inte bara att fa tillgang till sina applikationer, filer eller PC-skrivbord nagon annanstans an pa kontoret. Det skall aven ske med en anv... 安玛尔·迪格·哈!
网络直播- Webinar Series Apr 14 - 23, 2020 As applications become the focal point of retaining competitive edge, the need to deliver, secure and monitor these applications becomes of paramount importance. Users increasingly access applicatio... register here!
A zero trust model: continuous security for remote digital technology users Apr 21, 2020
eletrabalho: Como assegurar a continuidade do seu negocio com citrix Apr 21, 2020 Garantir a continuidade do negocio e um elemento critico dentro das organizacoes, tanto publicas como privadas, ao dia de hoje. Permitir que colaboradores internose externos possam trabalham de um ... inscribirse
Rendimiento excepcional sin interrupciones o caidas paratusaplicaciones con citrix sd-wan Apr 21, 2020 ¿Estás moviendo las cargas de trabajo a la nube?¿Tienes una plantilla distribuida que exige la mejor experiencia de usuario? si tu respuesta es si, la WAN tradicional no te dara lo que necesitas par... inscribirse
seguridadatu eleccion, y beneficios en entornos de virtualizacion citrix Apr 16, 2020 ¿Estás moviendo las cargas de trabajo a la nube?¿Tienes una plantilla distribuida que exige la mejor experiencia de usuario? si tu respuesta es si, la WAN tradicional no te dara lo que necesitas par... inscribirse
Microsoft Teams Soars from Great to Amazing with citrix Apr 13, 2020
business continuity mit citrix Apr 3, 2020 Fast alle Organisationen und Unternehmen stehen gerade vor der Herausforderung, ihren Mitarbeiten sicheres und schnelles Arbeiten im Home Office zu ermoglichen. citrix bietet Ihnen ganzheitliche Los... jetzt anmelden
business continuity mit citrix Apr 3, 2020 Fast alle Organisationen und Unternehmen stehen gerade vor der Herausforderung, ihren Mitarbeiten sicheres und schnelles Arbeiten im Home Office zu ermoglichen. Mit unseren Losungen helfen wir unser... jetzt anmelden
Real-World business continuity Insights, Considerations and Recommendations Apr 1,2020
analytics and visibility to optimize your hybrid cloud application user experience Apr 1,2020
Uncover The full benefits of Virtual Apps and Desktops Service with public cloud workloads Apr 1,2020
Lead your office to a现代数字工作空间 Mar 31,2020 Lead your office to a现代数字工作空间with citrix工作空间with intelligence. citrix workspace has always been the place to get work done. Now, with the addition of the intelligence feat... Watch on demand
Mit sd-wan zum sicheren Branch-Office Mar 31,2020 Mit der zunehmenden Verlagerung von Anwendungen und Workloads in die Cloud mussen Unternehmen auch ihre Sicherheitsstrategie uberdenken. Statt herkommlicher hub -and-Spoke-Architekturen, bei denen in... jetzt anmelden
27.03.: sd-wan fur Office 365 und Cloud-Anbindung Mar 27,2020 Bei der Umstellung aufdie Cloud werden physische Ressourcen aus Rechenzentren als virtuelle Ressourcen in Public Clouds ausgelagert—und mit ihnen die Unternehmensanwendungen. Entsprechend wird di... jetzt anmelden
business continuity verbessern mit sd-wan Mar 26,2020 从自然灾害到技术故障任何网络都容易受到损害. 而大多数商业活动计划和失败的Recovery都在保护R .... jetzt anmelden
sd-wan und citrix workspace Mar 25,2020 Produktives Arbeiten an digitalen Arbeitsplatzen ist nur moglich, 文恩·安·杰德姆Standort performant zur Verfugung stehen. Ein leistungsschwaches oder unzuverlassiges Netzwerk beeintracht... jetzt anmelden
¿ Funcionan Las aplicaciones en los entornos multi-nube híbridos? Mar 19, 2020 Description Las aplicaciones se estan moviendo a la nube hibrida. 斯án migrando tanto del centro de datos como desarrollándose como aplicaciones云nativas. En este Webinar plantearemos los reto... inscribirse
A new day for IT leaders: modern digital workspaces change the game Mar 17,2020
Teletrabajo Como asegurar la continuidad del negocio con citrix Mar 13, 2020 La continuidad del negocio es La capacidad que tienen las organizaciones para mantener La funcionalidad critica durante y despues de un desastre. Existen una gran variedad de interrupciones que pued... inscribirse
Powering a better workspace experience with citrix sd-wan Mar 12, 2020
Workforce continuity and Future of Work Mar 6, 2020
Tome el control y visibilidad de sus aplicaciones en HMC Mar 5, 2020 Las aplicaciones se estan moviendo a la nube hibrida. 斯án migrando tanto del centro de datos como desarrollándose como aplicaciones云nativas. Este Webinar explora como ayudarle a ganar el con... inscribirse
The experience of work Mar 4, 2020
steps.IT meets citrix Feb 26,2020 mit steps.IT bietet das Unternehmen Step Ahead eine umfassende Unternehmenslosung fur die IT- branche. 用户一般在对华赛琳赛、风力发电、结业、风力发电、国际原子能中心... jetzt anmelden
Geek's Guide to微软测试 Feb 19,2020 有足够的时间可以使用Windows phone作为微软制片小组吗? For years, citrix provided optimization For Skype For Business and now extends ... watch on-demand
Die wichtigsten news der citrix Summit Feb 13, 2020 Sepago und citrix geben Ihnen einen kompakten Uberblick uber die wichtigsten Produktankundigungen der citrix Summit 2020 in Orlando. Erfahren Sie im 45- minutigen Webinar am 13. Februar mehr uber neu... jetzt anmelden
citrix workspace: A better, more intelligent way to work Feb 7,2020 Today, work is more complicated than ever. 我们在搞管理单,不需要花一点时间搜寻资讯. What should have been simple tasks, is suddenly time con... register here!
Conecto Webinar - citrix Summit 2020 Update Feb 6,2020 citrix Summit - det arlige citrix event for citrix partnere fra hele verden. 哈利Conecto i同位素år opnå的断腿højst mulige partnerskab欧格马斯samarbejder citrix på,helt nyt水平. hjemvendt fra ... tilmeld dig
citrix analytics: Insights on data and performance Feb 4,2020
elegant digital workspace: a game changer in IT AND employee satisfaction Jan 30, 2020
citrix & Sofor Webinar: Case Oulun Digi Jan 30, 2020 Tule mukaan webinaariimme, jossa tutustumme mielenkiintoisen casen avulla nykyaikaiseen paatelaitteiden hallintaratkaisuun ja sen tuomiin hyotyihin. Oulun Digi vastaa Oulun kaupungin digitalisointio... ilmoittaudu mukaan!
Best Practices for deploying Android Enterprise with 花旗金融管理公司 Jan 29,2020 你们不能做到这一点. citrix Endpoint管理专家, 与谷歌一起, discuss the newest features of Android Ente... watch on-demand
Smarter arbeiten mit digitalen Arbeitsplatzen Jan 21,2020 citrix workspace-Losungen helfen Organisationen, smarte, produktive und sichere Arbeitsumgebungen zu schaffen. Aber wie sieht der Weg zum intelligenten digitalen Arbeitsplatz aus Anwendersicht aus? ... jetzt anmelden
Ask the Cloud Experts (ACE) Dec 12, 2019 Get your cloud questions ready for the next ACE meetup. Every month, you’ll learn something new about cloud technology. You’ll hear from a different set of citrix experts, who provide a quick upda...
los expertos en la nube (CAE) Nov 12, 2019

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